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Out of Town Patients

Dr. Pool treats many patients who do not live in the immediate Dallas area. 


Dr. Pool has treated many patients from the surrounding DFW area, such as Allen, Denton, Greenville, Kaufman and Fort Worth.


In addition, Dr. Pool has had many patients from Wichita Falls, Abilene, and Lubbock, as well as southern Oklahoma.

Dr. Pool has had patients come from as far as Florida, Arkansas, Arizona and California for his expertise. 

Dr. Pool and his staff work hard to streamline your visit as much as possible. If possible, a separate office visit in advance of any surgery is preferable. That way there will be fewer unexpected variables at the time of operation. 

If a separate office visit is not feasible, Dr. Pool will call and discuss your case with you once he has the relevant clinical data from your other doctors. You will then meet him the morning of your operation. 

Texas Health Dallas has a hotel at the top of the hospital. Many patients from out of town find it convenient to stay there, and Dr. Pool's assistant Lorena would be happy to make arrangements for you at the Guest House Hotel, as it is called. The GHH has a nominal charge, which insurance does not cover. 

Some family members may want to stay in the Guest House Hotel while you are in the hospital, which is perfectly fine. Some family members may choose to sleep on the couch in your hospital room, once you are out of the ICU. 

Of course, the Guest House Hotel is completely optional and there only for your convenience.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the GHH is closed to bookings for patients or guests. 

Once your operation has been performed and you have recovered in the hospital and are discharged home, typically you only need to see Dr. Pool in the office one more time. This is so that he can check your wound and get an x-ray and generally check up on your progress. 

Assuming your recovery is proceeding as expected, you can usually follow-up with your local physicians afterward and do not need to drive to Dallas for follow-up.

In some cases where travel is burdensome and the patient is doing very well, a follow-up visit can be completed by telephone, though Dr. Pool's preference is to meet face to face.  

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