Family Man

Wife Jessica

                           Think of her as 

Mother Teresa       meets       Wonder Woman

She homeschools their 8 children

She runs their Bahama Buck's business

She puts up with Dr. Pool! 

Dr. Pool & his wife Jessica own a Bahama Buck's frozen dessert restaurant.

Bahama Buck's is the "ultimate tropical dessert experience!"

The store is located at 6780 Abrams Rd Suite 107 in Dallas. 

Dr. Pool has a truck. 

That is to say, Dr. Pool has what amounts to pretty much the largest street-legal truck in Dallas. 

It is a custom Ford F-650 4x4 with 6 doors, Cummins diesel engine, air brakes and numerous mods. 

The stacks extend to roughly 11 feet from ground level. 

The scale of the truck is difficult to make out from pics - here is Dr. Pool's youngest son beside the rear wheel. 

Bahama Buck's Dallas
Dr. and Mrs. Pool on Good Morning Texas

Dr. Pool has written over 100 sonnets. 

His (older) children have recently taken an interest in his poetry. 

More patients ask about the sternal scar
"Give me the suture or this man will die!"
My chief complaint, good doctor, is this ache
Ah, wisdom, who can woo you as a bride

God bless & heal you! 

J. Mark Pool, MD

ABTS Board-certified


Member of Society of Thoracic Surgeons